Moving Past Self Destructive Tendencies, by Dan Solomon

By Dan Solomon

Most people deal with some type of fear. The fear of the unknown for some is something that can render us immobile if not dealt with.Sometimes change will come like a moving train, learning to be flexible can help us deal with those unknown things that places us outside of our comfort zone.

The fear of failure can be most troublesome, if faith in the giant on the inside of us is not unleashed. So many people have gained so many valuable experiences through the process of failure. Could it be that we have to fail in order to succeed, if we decide never to quit? So many people have stories of great conquest, because they refused to consent to defeat. Having desired goals, coupled with an inner strength will push us on to see those goals to fruition. This won’t allow the fear of failure to hinder us to the point that we can't see obstacles as stepping stones. The fear of not being received for the wonderful person that you are, can hinder us from being all that we are meant to be. We have to remember that most people can’t truly see the inside of our heart. When we allow people to see the good, confidence, strength, joy, hope, inner peace, and all those positive things on the inside of us, we can gain acceptance for the greatness that's on the inside. Most people have to deal with the dark side of themselves at some point in their life. When choosing to allow the bright side of ourselves to always be in charge, it will make for much acceptance.When dealing with fear, insecurities, doubt, and those things that we may desire to change about ourselves, if we don’t wear them on our shoulders, most people wont even know the struggles that exist on the inside.

Most people deal with struggles, issues, and or doubt at some point in life, but, not allowing those things to control and supersede the good in us, is a key to peaceful living.When dealing with the” What If's” in life, if we allow our mind to roll on and on about negative things, we may become depressed and may sense a feeling of hopelessness.

Most people who will look at the What If's and the things that they worry about, for the most part, don’t even come to pass.

Even if we look for the best and the worst comes, we have still made it this far. One of the things to remember is that we go (Through) difficult situations.

It doesn’t always rain. The sun does shine again. Remain hopeful and don’t allowing our mind to focus on the negative. Remember the struggles and issues that we have already conquered.

Keep the faith that we are wonderful people, and use our power to make a difference. When doing so, we will able ourselves not to get into self destructive tendencies. What If, we can get into a mode of thinking about, What If this good thing will happen in my life? This helps us change the image on the inside.

Dan Solomon is the author of The Price of Favor WWWJS. Dan has served as deacon, church trustee, Bible study and adult Sunday school teacher for his church in addition to director of a ministry for boys, missionary president, and head of prayer warrior's group. He and his wife Shirley are the parents of two sons and live in Warner Robins, GA. For more information visit