Moving Past Self Destructive Tendencies, by Dan Solomon

Joel O. Baldwin Quest To Perservere

Joel O. Baldwin came from very humble beginnings. His family didn’t have very much in material goods, but his mother lavished him with much love. His parents were separated while he was still in kindergarten.
Joel went through many periods of being very shy and timid to being very out going and out spoken during his high school years.

Joel graduated from high school with a B minus average. He could have excelled higher, but he only wanted to be an average student. Joel desperately wanted to go to college, so he took out a student loan and started college. However, in his mind he didn’t want a lot of college loans over his head, so he stopped.

Joel had a knack for helping people all during his life. He wouldn’t just feed someone disadvantaged, but if allowed he would show them how to get a skill. He helped countless number of people start or expand their business.

Joel was very business minded; it was natural to him as green grass in the summer. In his quest to excel in life, Joel became a very shrewd businessman. He built an empire that had several streams of revenue.

Joel married a wonderful young lady named Janett. They had three lovely children together.

One day he began to break out with sores all over his body. It was a rare form of skin cancer. He began chemotherapy, radiation, and took very potent medication.

These treatments left Joel in a state of being very weak and vulnerable.

His business associates, accountants, and lawyers began to embezzle from his empire. It dwindled down to nothing.

A group of men kidnapped his children and held them for ransom. Thinking that Joel still had a fortune, they made the ransom to high for the Baldwin Family. The children were all brutally murdered. Joel would sit down on the couch and ask why God, why? In the process of asking these questions his flashbacks of seeing his children in that bloody state, he was healed.

The grief and frustrations overwhelmed Janett to the point that she began to lash out at Joel. She loved him dearly. The pain of all the misery had crushed her once joyful spirit.

Joel never got angry, neither bitter during these ordeals. He was very forgiving and loving.

His cancer went into remission. Joel and Janett had three more wonderful children. People began to learn of their plight and those disadvantaged people he had once helped, even from his childhood came to their aid. His friends gave him money, land, and businesses to the point that his empire was twice as large as before. The Baldwin Family lived the rest of their lives in peace, joy, and in the love of family and friends.

Dan Solomon is the author of The Price of Favor WWWJS. Dan has served as deacon, church trustee, Bible study and adult Sunday school teacher for his church in addition to director of a ministry for boys, missionary president, and head of prayer warrior's group. He and his wife Shirley are the parents of two sons and live in Warner Robins, GA. For more information visit